Pilot plant session: CIP systems


Pilot plant session: CIP systems
On November 27-28, INOXPA Headquarters hosted a training and demo session of the cleaning and product recovery systems held at the pilot plant. The attendees, mostly end users and engineering companies, participated in the cleaning tests carried out with the CIP system at the pilot plant, they also had an opportunity to visit the INOXPA facilities in Banyoles.

ITRAM HIGIENE, manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants as well as application, dosage and control systems, was invited to join us for the session. The company focuses its activity on hygiene in the food-processing industry and offers technical advice and consulting services. Apart from the presentation on the cleaning and disinfection processes and products to use, the experts of ITRAM HIGIENE explained in detail the process of verification and validation of cleaning. Thus, the attendees had a comprehensive view of the cleaning process: the design, configuration and use of the CIP cleaning equipment, chemical agents and their characteristics depending on the product to be cleaned, and validations of the hygienic design and correct cleaning.

Our experts also supplemented the session with the presentations on specific systems and case studies.

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