Блендеры для сыпучих продуктов


Блендеры для сыпучих продуктов

INOXPA has designed two blenders for solids: MBC (double cone) and MV (“V”-type). The skids are used to produce homogeneous solid-solid mixture. 

Mixing is a common process step in the manufacture of products for industries such as healthcare, food, chemical, cosmetics, detergents, fertilizers and plastics. 

Common features: 
- Homogeneous blending. 
- Easy cleaning. 
- Safety guard rail. 
- Low energy consumption and maintenance costs. 
- Loading/discharge system can be automated. 

The “V”-type skid has been designed -in contrast to the double cone blender- to handle mixtures of powders with the same bulk density, with a loading of 50% of the total capacity of the equipment, unlike the 65% loading in a double cone blender, which handles mixtures of granulated products and powders, or mixtures of products with high and different densities.

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