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European manufacturer of hair care products.

Three 700 L skids for preparation of hair dyes equipped with heating and cooling jackets and vacuum pumps.

Each agitation system consists of a vertical elliptic type agitator with scrapers that avoids installing a counter-rotating agitators but ensures a similar level of mixing, and a tank bottom mixer with recirculation that can also transfer the final product to the filling machine. They skids are provided with a hydraulic lid lifting system.

The control system consists of a central control cabinet that houses the frequency inverters, the central PLC and industrial PC with SCADA and each skid is also provided with an operator panel located in a control box, supported by an arm.

The preparation starts by reading a bar code that identifies each ingredient added for the preparation of the final product.

Some of the ingredients are added manually through the loading port, for example, the water-soluble bags and the dye. The remaining ingredients are added automatically via a manifold of pneumatically actuated valves: perfume, glycol, wax, water, ammonia and ethanolamine (ethanolamine is now used in some recipes and finally it will replace ammonia).

Skids for preparation of hair dye

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Skids for preparation of hair dye

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